Katelyn began working with my daughter when she was 14. In just a very short time Analyse began to grow in so many ways with all of Katelyn’s guidance and knowledge. Analyse has really gained the confidence to step into the spotlight and continue to pursue what she loves. Katelyn has such a sweet and fun personality, it truly is infectious and helps bring out the best in anybody. My daughter looks to her for advice when auditions are approaching and follows through with any and all lessons Katelyn has with her.
— Susan C.
I have taken from Katelyn many times, and each lesson I’ve seen more improvement. One of my main weaknesses has been my confidence level. I was nervous to sing or act in front of just about anyone, but she quickly got me out of my shell. Now, I sing throughout my hometown and continue to get more comfortable on stage and in front of audiences with her help. I’ve seen an improvement in my performances since day one, and Katelyn continues to give me pointers that I know I’ll use throughout the rest of my life. She also makes every lesson fun, which I believe helps me remember the techniques that are taught. Katelyn Nichols is a wonderful coach and friend, and I would recommend her for anyone and everyone who is looking for a career in singing and/or acting.
— Savannah L.
My daughter, Emily, started taking lessons from Katelyn at the beginning of the year after doing her first workshop with her. She instantly connected with her and felt that Katelyn 100% wanted her to be her very best as an actor. She prepares you and doesn’t let anything unexpected hit you. After every session, Emily feels like the sky’s the limit and can’t wait to tell me what she learned. One of the many things she has learned from Katelyn is that to make it about the other person and not yourself. As an actor you are to react. I would STRONGLY recommend lessons from Katelyn. She is AWESOME!
— Brenda L.
Katelyn has worked with my little girl privately 3 times now and I can already see tremendous growth in her acting ability. What is even more amazing is that my 8 year old can verbalize specific things (facing out, 3 W’s etc.) that she has taken away from each lesson. Katelyn has done an amazing job balancing making me aware of topics covered and what to expect yet still giving my child one-on-one lesson time and holding her accountable for doing homework etc. Her structured and creative teaching style engages children in active listening/learning while making lessons lively and fun. Children don’t even realize they are being challenged to higher level of self-awareness and thinking. My little girl loves acting more each day... After 8 hours of theatre camp with Katelyn, she wanted to go for a private lesson... That speaks volumes. I am so excited for the fall semester in the new studio. She is a fabulous acting coach, and I would HIGHLY recommend her.
— Ginger Armistead
My 14 year old daughter recently signed with an agent in LA after preparing with Katelyn. She is such an amazing coach and the lessons have been a major confidence booster for my daughter, Summer. She supports and encourages my daughter in everything and we couldn’t have done it without her. Thank you Katelyn!
— Felicia Merriweather Knowles
Flew to Memphis just in time to catch multiple students in a Theatre Memphis production- proud of all these talented ones!

Flew to Memphis just in time to catch multiple students in a Theatre Memphis production- proud of all these talented ones!

There just aren’t enough words to express how much I appreciate Katelyn. She works with my grandson, Ethan Witt, on a weekly basis and he just adores her! He continues to improve each week because of her knowledge and patience. You rock Katelyn!
— Donna C.
Thank you Katelyn for an awesome class today! It went above and beyond what I hoped to learn, and you make learning so much FUN! You are a fantastic teacher! :)
— Jillian H.
Ethan didn’t know what to expect during his 1st meeting with Katelyn, which was an all-day workshop, but afterwards he was honestly invigorated. I could tell that she had used his natural acting abilities to take him to the next step, and that totally excited him!
Even though acting is fun and seems to come naturally to Ethan, he has learned that there is a method to this art. Katelyn is teaching him how to perfect it, which is in turn building his confidence.
Katelyn’s lessons always provide a safe, fun environment where Ethan feels free to be transparent and express himself.
He has learned that acting is more than reading lines as a specific character. Acting is enveloping every aspect of that character, including his surroundings, point of view, and past experiences.
I would recommend these lessons to anyone who has a passion for acting and wants to dig deeper into theater or film, especially on a professional level.
— Brandy W.
The first time coming into my lesson I was extremely excited and nervous. I had never done anything like this before and didn’t know what it would be like. As soon as I met her I wasn’t nervous at all; she made me feel so comfortable and at ease. I absolutely love her now. She is an amazing teacher and I learn so much from her. She knows what she is doing and how to train you to be great. I felt so much more positive about my growth as an artist and as a human every time I have a lesson with her. I always know I am in a judge free zone and can talk with her about anything. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn how to act.
— Emily L.
Thank you so much for taking time to coach Gracie and the other girls today! Gracie hasn’t stopped talking about today and has a permanent smile on her face. She is so excited to take the things she learned today and put them to practice. We look forward to future classes with you!!
— Natasha Kyle
Our son, Tucker, had such an amazing first lesson with Katelyn! He learned so much in such a short period of time that we were truly AMAZED. We feel like he connected with her right away and that is so important. He later had his first lesson with Katelyn via FaceTime/Skype and it was great, they picked up right were they left off. Having a coach who lives and works in New York, is such a huge advantage. She has her finger on the pulse of what is going on and that is a huge plus in our opinion!!!!
— Robb Brown
Katelyn Nichols is truly a great coach! She KNOWS what she’s doing! She has helped me with improving my acting skills and being more confident! Love her! She is just amazing at what she does!” (I later signed with a talent agent in NYC after training with her for almost 9 months weekly!)
— Keerthi H.
Katelyn has been working with my 14 year old daughter for about 6 months and is AWESOME!!!!
She is such a POSITIVE FORCE and has made tremendous strides with improving her stage presence. My ‘Savannah’ LOVES/ADORES her and truly considers Katelyn to be a mentor.
— Laura Brister
Katelyn is extremely professional and very talented when it comes to
anything on stage. She has helped both of my daughters, singers, with
stage presence and choreography. She is very
passionate about teaching and really is an excellent instructor who
works well with all ages. Every lesson we have ever had with her has
been time well spent. We have had lessons in person, on Face Time, and
on Skype and have been grateful to be able to use Face Time or Skype
to get the instruction in when we needed it. I would highly recommend
her to anyone who is looking to sharpen their stage performance, and
bring it to the next level.
— -Stephanie DeSantis, December 2014
It’s a very cool transformation to witness when you see a student go into a lesson feeling nervous, and by the time their parent picks them up at the end of the lesson, you can see the student had SUCH a blast with Katelyn, and excitedly tell their parents everything they have learned. She has a natural ability to hone in on a student’s needs both artistically and in every day life, and really helps to build their self confidence and self esteem. ESPECIALLY when kids stay consistent with training, the positive transformation in the student is so clear!
— Jessi L. October 2014
Even just after a handful of lessons, I feel Katelyn has really made a huge impact on my life (both everyday and acting). I’ve seen improvements in my confidence and acting skills. The second I met her something clicked and I knew I would love working with her. She has taught me so much in a short amount of time, and she is a very sweet, caring, and patient person with lots to offer. I think one of the things that makes her such a great coach is the fact that she forms bonds with her students, and takes interest into their everyday lives, which I think really sets her apart from the rest. Overall she’s an incredible person and its a privilege to work with her and an experience I wouldn’t trade for a anything!
— -Analyse C. January 2015
I’ve been taking from Katelyn for about 3 years now and I couldn’t have asked for anything more in an coach. I was so nervous when I had my first lesson but she always creates a really comfortable environment-she broke me out of my shell!! I’ve been introduced to so many new techniques that have improved my acting ability and thanks to technology, I’ve been able to take lessons via Skype and Facetime, even when I was all the way in LA (where I moved after I signed with my commercial agent, and I definitely wouldn’t have been able to sign with a commercial agent without the lessons I had with Katelyn!) It has been so worth all the training, Katelyn has infinite amount of patience and is just a very kind spirit and easy to work with!
— Alex Lawson, January 2015
in New York City with students at STEPS on Broadway after their final showcase. 

in New York City with students at STEPS on Broadway after their final showcase.